Every business is unique.

Different industries demand different heating and climate control products. As an independent representative of Radiant Heat Infrared Heating systems, we offer large-scale facility climate control for commercial and industrial applications. These include:


Infrared Heating Installation

Infrared Heating

  • Ideal for commercial or industrial
  • Easily installed and require minimal maintenance
  • These gas or electric heaters provide clean, quiet, draft-free, energy efficient heat
  • Ceiling mounted and aesthetically pleasing
  • Available in a variety of sizes and designs
  • Manufactured by Roberts-Gordon
  • Manufactured by BBC Industries


  • Ideal for commercial or industrial
  • HVLS – high volume, low speed
  • Energy efficient
  • Utilizing the science of air movement to improve climate control balance resulting in temperature comfort
  • Equipment designs enhance architectural image
  • Manufactured by MacroAir
Zoo Fan

De-Stratification Fans

  • Ideal for commercial and industrial applications
  • Reduces the temperature differences from floor to ceiling to within a few degrees
  • Creates a more uniform temperature
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Manufactured by ZOO Fans


Thermazone Residential Comfort Heater

Comfort Residential Heaters

  • Ideal for residential applications including garages
  • Thermazone┬« Infrared Heaters the easy and economical solution to heating
  • Low cost power and simple, inexpensive installation
  • No moving parts to break down
  • No bulbs or reflectors to clean and replace.
  • No combustion products discharged, no flames, or noxious gases produced, making the UL approved Thermazone┬« Heaters provide safe, clean heat.
  • Manufactured by BBC Industries, Inc.

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